Dude Goes On Drunken Rampage When His Mom Hides His Spiced Rum

FORT WALTON BEACH A 30-year-old Fort Walton Beach man became angry when his mom hid his bottle of spiced rum and started breaking glass items in their living room, according to an arrest report. Fort Walton Beach Police officers were told the man came home on the night of April 28 at a little after 10, and he was drunk. His mother took his bottle of spiced rum and hid it, which angered the man. He began knocking down and breaking glass items from a shelf in the living room, spreading broken glass over the living room, the officer wrote in the report. The man’s father held him until officers arrived. He said he’d been drinking throughout the night. When officers did a records check, they found he was on probation and shouldn’t have been drinking. He was charged with assault and violation of probation. His court date is May 21.

I’m torn here. Part of me can’t respect a 30 year old man living at home with his parents who drinks spiced rum. I mean last year I was almost a 30 year old man living with his parents but whatever. I just drink Bud Light. Whats the matter with this dude? Couldn’t make your Bacardi and Diet with all your girls? Couldn’t do shots of So Co or make a Captain and Coke like you’re in 9th grade? No Malibu was available? Grow up, Peter Pan. Count Chocula.

On the flipside there is nothing, and I mean nothing, worse than when you’re shitfaced and people are hiding shit from you and fucking with you. Like the people who try to take away your keys so you don’t drive. I mean nobody condones drunk driving but when you’ve had a few beers and you’re driving down the block and you got the Mothers Against Drunk Driving brigade come out and try to take your keys, its so fucking annoying. Or the people who try to take drinks away from shitfaced girls. Try to sneakily swap out their drink with some water or something. Hey toots I paid cold, hard cash for that drink specifically so she’ll be shitfaced enough to sleep with me, don’t you touch it. Or I guess when your mom hides your booze even though you’re 30 years old. If my mom hid my Bud Lights I’d probably go on a rampage too. Can’t stand any of that shit. Let drunk people be drunk, people.