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The Florida Gators are falling apart and I love every minute of it

Former Mississippi State coach Dan Mullen looked like he had it made in Gainesville after his first season at Florida. A 10-3 season, along with wins over Michigan and LSU, gave the impression that the program, tanked by bad hires before Mullen arrived, had completely been turned around and was headed in the right direction.

Not so fast.

First, highly touted QB signee Jalon Jones entered the transfer portal, and it was later reported that he was accused of sexual assault. Then Florida CB Brian Edwards was arrested on May 6, charged with battery in a domestic incident.

And now, Mullen’s highest-rated signee is jumping ship, as Florida freshman DB Chris Steele, a top 50 prospect, is peacing out and entering the transfer portal.

According to Zach Abolverdi of GatorsSports.com, the Steele decision is linked back to Jones:

“The decision stems from a request Steele made to the staff during his first month on campus, the source said. He asked to be moved to a different dorm because he was uncomfortable rooming with quarterback Jalon Jones, his classmate.


The staff did not plan to move Steele until the summer, which upset Steele and his parents, according to the source.

Then two female students accused Jones of sexual assault in the players’ dorm rooms on April 6. That prompted Steele to seek a transfer.”

Ahhh, battery, assault, criminal behavior. It’s like the Urban Meyer era without the championships.

Listen, I’ll explain one thing about SEC football and SEC fandom: It’s petty as shit. I’m a grown ass man, so should I enjoy watching Dan Mullen lose control at Florida. Absolutely not. Am I enjoying it? Fuck yeah.

I’m petty like that. And Georgia fans, Alabama fans, LSU fans and others down here are just like me. We can’t wait to see if this spirals out of control so we can dance our fatasses all over the ashes.

This is SEC football.