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Tim Anderson: Superstar On The Field, SUPERSTAR Off The Field


CHICAGO — Tim Anderson steals a lot of bases — and now he wants to use that for charity.

Anderson, the shortstop for the White Sox, announced Thursday he’ll pledge $500 to anti-violence work with every base he swipes this season. Expect that to add up: He’s already stolen 12 bases so far this season (and 63 throughout his four-year career).

He wants fans to help out, too, asking them to donate each time he steals a base. Any pledgers who end up donating $50 or more over the course of the season will be entered in a giveaway to win a game-used, autographed base at the end of the season.

Tim Anderson was the toast of baseball, and for good reason.  ~.400BA, 100% steal rate, walk off dingers and of course, his pimp jobs:

He’s turned into the face of the White Sox and I wouldn’t want anyone different.  I fucking love how good of a baseball player he’s become.  His confidence, his swagger, and his stick all talk and talk LOUDLY.   Fans across the country have taken notice, both diehards and even the most casual followers.  And I fucking love it, especially as a fan of a team that’s pretty desperate for good news.

But off the field he’s also taking it upon himself to be a great influence in the community.  That’s not to say that other players aren’t working at children’s hospitals, don’t run their own charities, etc.  But TA7 is a dude that had a rough, rough background.  And he’s using his background as a way to improve others that have grown up under similar circumstances.

It makes rooting for a player like TA so, so much easier.  I mean yeah, he’s electric.  Could legitimately be a 30/30 player while hitting .300 this year.  But knowing how good of a dude the White Sox short stop and face of the franchise is off the field makes me proud to be a White Sox fan.

It hasn’t stopped at $500/ steal though.  A few weeks back he brought a few of Chicago’s inner city youth to screen Jackie Robinson’s 42 movie:

love love love love love.  Every time TA7 does something awesome on the field, you’re going to hear about it.  Every time he does something awesome off the field?  You’re going to hear about it.  Athletes are largely good dudes; a few bad apples often ruin the bunch.  Take a look at what is happening on the north side right now.  PR NIGHTMARE.  But there ain’t a shit ego or personality on this White Sox team and that makes me say “mannnnn fuck rooting for these guys.”  Cheesy, but the truth.

Keep doing you, TA