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Is Aaron Rodgers The Least Respected Man In Wisconsin? Video Evidence Says Yes

Buddy. That’s QB1 right there. A Super Bowl winning quarterback for the Green Bay Packers. A 2x NFL MVP. And you’re just going to buy his girlfriend a drink right in front of his face? Big yikes.

And I get that Danica Patrick isn’t just Aaron Rodgers’ girlfriend. She is a star and has a ridiculous amount of fans of her own. She’s also a Wisconsin native herself. But still. That’s a brutal look for Rodgers. I mean he didn’t even get acknowledged by that dude. A Super Bowl winning quarterback for the Packers sitting court side at a Bucks game, and he just got treated like total chump. Just really tough to watch.

I will say this though–I think that there is some serious money making potential here for the move that this guy just pulled. I’ve never sat court side before so I don’t know exactly how much those drinks cost. But I can’t imagine that each drink cost $20. Maybe 12 or 13 or something, but definitely not $20. But as you see, Danica Patrick reaches into her purse, pulls out a 20 and offers to pay the man for the drink. So let’s say you just go around buying drinks for super rich people and hope that they don’t carry anything less than $20 bills on them. You may only make a few dollars on each exchange but if you just keep doing that time and time again for 365 days a year? You could easily rack up a few thousand dollars. That might be my next business venture.