4 Game Winning Home Runs In One Night Is A Lot Of Game Winning Home Runs

Yesterday I wrote a blog about the Tottenham goal with the simple question what level is the game winning goal on if compared to other major sportsI asked because it seemed like a big deal and I’m not about to start pretending like I know the first thing about Champions League soccer.

Turns out it was a big deal, with several people telling me it was like a walk-off grand slam down 3 with 2 outs to go the World Series. Someone said it was like Illinois/Arizona in 2005. Another guy said down 3 strokes into the 18th hole and winning on the 18th hole.

Unfortunately not everyone was impressed

Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 8.31.57 AMI think Sameguynewname is on to something here.

Interesting sports moments *do* happen all the time and that includes last night in MLB with four game winning home runs.  Unfortunately I can’t find my Baseball Almanac so you’re just going to have to trust me that 4 out of 14 games being decided by home runs in the bottom of the 9th or later is significant.

Here they are *Power Ranked*

#4 – Andrew Benitendi vs. Baltimore Orioles

Congrats to the Red Sox on reaching .500 before the 40th game of the season. You’re last on the list because it didn’t end the game on the spot. However, worth sharing this while we’re here:

Only reason we get a Benny Bedtime story is because JBJ makes that play. In the process, he robbed Orioles backers of a +240 payout.

#3 – Jose Ramirez vs. Chicago White Sox

The first of the 3 walk offs. This one is majestic but loses points because (a) it’s the White Sox (2) Jose Ramirez has virtually disappeared last August

#2 – Stephen Piscotty vs. Cincinatti Reds

If you look close enough you’ll realize the Reds should actually have 20+ wins but they can’t stop losing heartbreaking game after heartbreaking game.

I read the other day that Sonny Gray and Tyler Mahle have combined for a 3.65 ERA with a bunch of quality starts and they’re a combined 0-9 because the Reds keep getting shutout when they start.

That sucks.

Anyways, Piscotty has become so likable since leaving the Cardinals. This blast gets bonus points because it’s on the same trajectory, literally and figuratively, with Evan Longoria’s 2011 shot heard round the world

#1 – Jason Heyward vs. Miami Marlins

Did you really think I’d make a list of the best walk off home runs from the night before and not put Heyward’s number one? That’s rich.

Worth mentioning that’s Heyward’s 6th career walk off home run. That puts him in the 1% of all active players with 13 career walk-offs being the record. Personally I’d like to see the Cubs win every game before the 9th inning but if it comes down to it, I’m fine watching Jason Heyward reach double digits before this song and dance is over.