"I'm Dope And That's That" - Metta World Peace With Some Pretty Concrete Reasoning As To Why He Should Be An NBA Head Coach


Go ahead, find the lie. You tell me where Metta World Peace is wrong here and not qualified to run an NBA team. I actually put this in a blog last week that since nobody wants to take the Lakers job maybe they should go in a completely different direction. He hit a gigantic three that ultimately won them a title so fans should love him, and they could finally get a Lakers “legend” in the building.

What I wonder is how different is what all these real NBA coaching candidates are pitching than what Metta tweeted? You want to know about his system? Pace and space with a little triangle and defense mixed in. Last time I checked the triangle won a couple championships if you run it correctly and have the right collection of talent. No experience? He clearly explained he coached high school and the Drew League which is filled with NBA talent so that’s basically the same thing as coaching the Lakers and their trash.

But finally, if you ask an owner if he wants to win or not what’s he going to say, no? Of course not. With that in mind can you say with 100% certainty that Metta World Peace wouldn’t win? I’m not sure you can. It’s honestly not that bad of a move that the Lakers should have seriously considered. You think LeBron is going to walk all over this dude and pull the same shit he did with Luke Walton and is going to do with Ty Lue. No chance because Metta World Peace will absolutely fight him in the locker room. He doesn’t strike me as a guy that plays games or is willing to take a ton of shit.

Instead, nobody is going to even give this man an interview and will most likely be looking for a new coach within a few years. It’s a damn shame.