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Grading the Newest Sex Scandal Teacher


VirginiaAlison Briel is accused of sending “numerous inappropriate photos” to the students, aged 16 and 17, in Leesburg, Virginia.

The 25-year-old was arrested over the photos which she is reported to have sent between December 2017 and November 2018.

Briel is accused of sending a “large number” of photos of herself “in a bra and thong which exposed her buttocks”.

Detectives said messages also “included solicitations for sexual intercourse”.

The teacher allegedly began sending the pics to the three students just months after she began working at the school in August 2017. …

Police said she was messaging two 16-year-olds and a 17-year-old.

Cops have also not said which messaging platform she used to send the images to the teens. …

She worked as a marketing education teacher at Loudoun County High School.

The teacher was also the manager of the school store and an advisor for students after they graduate.

It comes after a teacher Elizabeth Harbert allegedly had sex with a boy, 14, who fathered four children with her as she was “70% mum and 30% girlfriend”.

I’m sorry … am I missing something? Allison Briel sent bra and thong pictures to three students and “solicited” them for sexual intercourse and that’s enough to get her arrested? Let’s go, Virginia. I understand Sir Walter Raleigh named you after Elizabeth, the Virgin Queen, but get with the times. You know what they call it in Texas or Florida when a Sex Scandal Teacher sends bra and thong photos and just talks about intercourse? “A nice start.” In those great SST states the teachers hand those pictures out on the first day of class like they’re syllabi.

I guess my only question isn’t which messaging platform she used because all the SSTs in her age range are using Snapchat for their mating rituals more than they use speech. My question is … what happened to Alison Briel? Her career got off to such a promising start and then she faded into nothing. She’s like Billy Rohr of the Impossible Dream Red Sox, almost pitching a no-no at Yankee Stadium in his first start and never accomplishing a thing afterward. She could’ve been one of the really good ones, but she just couldn’t close, I guess.


The Grades:
Looks: Alright. She’s fairly cute. I wish I could find more of her than the booking photo. But even with that she’s got the makings of a good one. The crazy eyes. The slight “I don’t give a shit” smirk and the hair to match. I wish she looked like Alison Brie instead, but she’s well above average for a Virginia Marketing teacher.
Grade: B+

Moral Compass/Bad Judgment: I’m still really puzzled by that hot start to her career that amounted to nothing. She was well on her way to ROTY and then crashed and burned. And that’s not good right after I graded Elizabeth Harter and her 15-year, four babies career. I hope Alison was better at running that store or she never would’ve completed a transaction.
Grade: C-

Intangibles: Ironic that she teaches Marketing and her own state’s marketing slogan is “Virginia is for Lovers.”
Grade: C-


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