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'The White Walkers Were Bad Dudes. We'd Go Up North And Recruit Them' - Nick Saban, Who Really Is The Night King


Look at Night King Saban here. I mean he’s not wrong. Think about some of the guys he’d have. Actually, just think about one of the guys he’d have:

Screen Shot 2019-05-08 at 2.40.20 PM

That’s a hog molly! Imagine him blocking for Tua. Hell, I’d line him up at tight end to replace Irv Smith and let him run a couple out patterns as a release. But, that’s a dude that you feel comfortable putting on your line.

Hell, he’d have a decent backup quarterback too. Wonder if he’d be able to come in while trailing in the SEC title game and get the win? Probably not based on episode 3, but Saban wasn’t leading him:

More importantly, I don’t know what to think of Saban being loose and talking about pop culture. That’s not really his go-to. I’m shocked he didn’t start turning the conversation to football outside of recruiting them. I assume he’d land all of them unless Dabo moved in. Speaking of which, I do wonder if he meant going up north to recruit by doing this:

No word on if the White Walkers have a decent kicker or not though.