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Jets RB Arrested For Weed Possession, Possession Of A Firearm With Hollow Point Bullets

TMZ – New York Jets running back Michael Goodson was arrested in Jersey early this morning after cops say the 25-year-old was in possession of weed and a loaded hand gun. According to cops, Goodson — who was signed by the Jets during the off-season to compete for the starting RB job — was a passenger in an SUV that was parked along Route 80 in Denville, NJ. Cops say both Goodson and the driver of the vehicle appeared WASTED. During the encounter, cops say Goodson was found to be in possession of weed (less than 50 grams) — PLUS a loaded .45 caliber and hollow-point bullets. Cops say Goodson was so intoxicated that he was transported to a local hospital for treatment. The driver of the SUV has been charged with DUI.


Hey Mike do me a favor and put one of those hollow points right into my fucking skull because I’d rather be dead than root for this football team.