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This Kentucky Kid's Yearbook Quote Mocking Louisville And Pitino Is Perfection

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Well, this kid deserves every scholarship in the Commonwealth. Shout out Vincent Lynch (phenomenal lettuce on the kid too) for the yearbook quote. Not only that but he attends Butler High School in Louisville. That makes it even better.

You can get away with this in Lexington or really anywhere else in Kentucky but to do it in the heart of the enemy? This kid can play on my team any day. He deserves every front row seat in the ERUPPtion Zone.

But the quote is perfection. He’s not ‘crossing any lines.’ He’s playing into academics with the here’s what I learned. It’s just a Pitino knew with the Catsby90 hashtag. That’s how it’s done folks. This is how you do a yearbook quote.

Nothing better than Kentucky. Nothing.