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Here We Have Pat McAfee Drilling 43 Yarders Both Righty and Lefty

This isn’t what I needed to wake up to today.  And I’m not even necessarily talking about waking up to McAfee trolling Bears fans by drilling 43 yard field goals with both legs, I’m talking about waking up knowing Carl has seen this video creating an angry, frustrated Carl and an angry, frustrated Carl is NOT a fun Carl to be around.  Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve seen his Cody Park rant video:

And no, he wasn’t embellishing there.  He was seriously that pissed off.  His fuse is that small, his temper that big, his hatred for Cody Parkey that sincere.

And now thanks to Pat McAfee if even the slightest thing goes wrong today, I’ll be feeling the wrath of it.

PS wonder if McAfee would retire from blogging an podcasting to work in the NFL?