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Best of the Best GTA Week 17 - Voting Now Open

The Champion: Mermaid Amber

The Contender: Candice

When I first realized Candice was this week’s contender, I thought it was gonna be an absolute bloodbath. Still very well could be. But as I went back and grabbed Mermaid Amber’s pictures I realized her ass is not to be trifled with. Candice has the reputation and the beauty but if we’re going ass to ass this is a fair fight. Like I wouldn’t be surprised if Candice takes down the title and goes on a run. Almost like Lebron finally winning a ring and now theres a potential for a dynasty. But Mermaid Amber’s ass ain’t no patsy.

Lets vote.

Vote 1 for Champion Amber, Vote 10 for Contender Candice

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