Call The Barstool Unfiltered Hotlines For Tonight's Bruins/Rangers Games

New feature here at the Stool. We set up two numbers for Stoolies to call in during games to record your live, unfiltered reactions. You can vent about losing, gloat about winning. Cheer, boo. Anything goes. Just a completely raw, unfiltered calls from fans about the teams they love.

Here’s what Boston fans did during game 7 against the Leafs:

Rags fans – if WFAN callers every day is any indication, I know New York can do better.

Bruins fans, call the Boston Unfiltered hotline – 617-394-VIVA (617-394-8482)

Rangers fans, call the KFC Radio line for New York Unfiltered -646-80-STOOL (646-807-8665)