The Warriors Cannot Be Serious Calling This Chris Paul Play Dirty

Western Conference Semifinals - Golden State Warriors v Houston Rockets

(Yahoo Sports) - Golden State Warriors forward Andre Iguodala was in the process of choosing his postgame meal among an expansive spread that featured seafood, steak and other fine foods near the entrance of the locker room.

While hovering over the buffet, coach Steve Kerr joined him in surveying the options and asked the 2015 Finals MVP how he was feeling. Iguodala bent down, briefly massaged his left knee and said it was a little sore, but he promised his coach that he would be fine for Game 5 on Wednesday.

The injury is believed to be minor, but the incident that led to it is being viewed quite differently. Members of the Warriors told Yahoo Sports that they believed it was “a dirty play” by Houston Rockets guard Chris Paul.

In the fourth quarter, Iguodala had Paul sealed on his back while boxing out to gather a defensive rebound during the Rockets’ 112-108 win Monday that evened the West semifinals at two games apiece.

When Iguodala elevated to secure the board, Paul moved into the forward when he was in midair and ended up clipping the back of Iguodala’s left knee. A foul was called on Paul, and Iguodala immediately started hobbling and reaching for his knee.

Ok here’s the play in question


I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to ask the Warriors to grow the hell up. Is that a dirty play? I guess it depends on who you root for. It’s pretty clear that Paul is trying to swipe the ball from Iggy, not exactly go for his knee and it barely looks like there’s really all that much contact. A dirty play in my mind means that a player did something with the intent to injure, and I’m not sure you can say that about what Paul did in that sequence.

Honestly, it sounds more like sour grapes coming from a GS team that suddenly is feeling the pressure after being up 2-0. Remember, this is the same team that was very vocal about how pathetic it was that the Rockets were complaining about the officiating this series. Hell, there was even a whole story in The Athletic about how that’s not how the Warriors operate. I mean we all laughed because that’s obviously not true, this team employs Draymond

well then how do you explain this?

Seems weird. Almost as if the Warriors aren’t practicing what they were so quick to preach from their high horse after things went their way early in the series. Does Chris Paul tend to do shady shit from time to time? Sure, but it usually involves punching someone in the dick, not going after knees. By now the Warriors should know that Paul is a pest and is going to try and get under their skin. That doesn’t mean a play like this is dirty and frankly it’s sort of lame to play that card.