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Brady and Gisele Shared the Throne at the Met Gala

Great googily moogily. Why does anyone else even show up at the Met Gala when they know this is what they’re going up against?

Katie Perry going full Lumiere in a desperate cry for attention:

Kim Kardashian looking like a snack. In the most literal sense:

Whatever the sweet bloody hell this was:

And while I appreciate Emily Ratajkowski’s want-to here:

Why does anybody else even bother to step into the limo knowing they’re walking into the fire of the two-headed fashion dragon that is Tom Brady and Gisele? Year after freaking perfect year. And the best part is, the rest of the fashionistas who show up for this thing live for it. It’s all the big days of their year – holidays, major events, career moments – all rolled into one night of wretched excess where they can prove they belong. And yet they get dominated by this genetically perfect couple for whom the Met Gala doesn’t crack their Top 20.

And yet, even more amazingly, they manage to look better with each passing Gala:

Met Gala

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At the rate they are upping their game from year to year, a couple of Galas from now we’re going to need those glasses they sold for the solar eclipse to even look at them.

Brady Gisele Insta

Not our Mom and Dad? They are everybody’s Mom and Dad.