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Dude Pulls Off The Save Of A Lifetime AND Catches It On Camera

I’ve been watching this video for a day straight. Pulling off this miracle AND catching it on video is the equivalent to landing a spaceship on the moon. I mean I can’t imagine after this dude realized he had gotten the footage of this AND the fish. That’s the type of shit that makes your month. On the contrary, if you pull a move like this and turn to look back and the GoPro wasn’t recording, its probably grounds for retirement.

If you miss this grab you are then SOAKING wet, probably just lost a cell phone, and just screwed the pooch on a really nice fish. As cool as this video is, I’d like to see a compilation of the videos that don’t go viral where the guy slips and barely misses the grab and the fish slowly swims away while he has to explain to his wife why he will be unable to use a cellular device for the next week. I think I have a great solution for this dude. If you already have a boat tuned up with the latest and greatest in GoPro technology, maybe invest in some other types of technology… such as a NET! Although at the same time, if he had a net this video would have been a lot less interesting. Maybe the heroics are worth it.