Don't Respect What Carmelo Anthony Did This Season? Look No Further Than Kevin Durant

Did everyone see what happened to Kevin Durant and the Thunder once Russell Westbrook went down? The team that was supposed to be a shoe in for the Western Conference Finals and the second best player in the NBA just got absolutely worked. The Thunder folded like a house of cards without their second star. Barely beat Houston and got demolished by Memphis. Durant shot 5 for 21 last nite. 10 of 27 the previous game. 15 for 48 the last 2 games of the year with the season on the line. 2 losses and a 4-1 defeat to the Grizzlies. Because this is life in the NBA for these big time scorers when they don’t have a second elite player on the court with them. It’s all gravy for Kevin Durant out there with Westbrook. Shooting 60% and playing off of one of the most athletic point guards in the game. Take him away though, and things are completely different. Not as easy when your team becomes 1 dimensional and every team’s gameplan is just to contain you.

Well thats been Carmelo Anthony all season long. Notched 54 wins and carried his team to the playoffs. Powered through the Celtics. Now don’t get me wrong – everyone knows I don’t love the way Melo plays. I’m not saying regular season success and a first round series is enough to vindicate the guy. I’m just saying Carmelo Anthony has never had a player on the same level of Russell Westbrook. And after watching Kevin Durant crumble without his second star, it makes you respect what Carmelo does out there for the Knicks. I’m not saying he’s as good as Durant. I’m not making excuses for the Knicks getting demolished thus far by the Pacers. I’m just saying Carmelo catches more heat than any NBA superstar, and Durant gets absolutely nothing but love. When in reality, they are one injury, or one elite point guard,  away from being a lot more similar than people realize.