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Ron Darling Announced That He Has Been Diagnosed With Thyroid Cancer


Fuuuuuck. When word got out that Ron Darling had to undergo surgery to remove a mass from his chest, I think we all had the same fear that the big C word could be the cause but hoped that wouldn’t be the case and Ronnie would be back sooner rather than later.

Well it turns out cancer was the problem, but at least the doctors feel it is treatable and Darling potentially being able to return to the booth in a month is much quicker than I could have imagined. There are very few bonds between a TV personality and a viewer that is stronger than a baseball announcer. You invite them into your living room 162 times a year, through good times and in bad, and it usually ends up with them feeling like a part of the family. Obviously best wishes to Ron and his family. Hopefully he will have a quick, full recovery and will be able to take back his seat in the booth from Todd Zeile.


And as always, fuck Cancer.