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Bully Hockey Dad Calls A Kid A Midget And Then Threatens To Cave In Another Guy's Glasses When He Is Confronted About It


I’m not sure what I think here.  I almost want to defer to our resident hockey midget, Intern Ian, and see what he thinks about this.  I guess I’m siding with the bully dad?   He thought the penalty was called just because the other kid was small and I kind of agree.   I mean what does  “He’s not a midget he’s a hockey player”? even mean?   Can’t you be both?  Actually scratch that question.  I know you can because that’s what Ian is.  A midget hockey player.   He doesn’t take it as an insult I don’t think?   It just is what it is.  Plus these kids look pretty old.  It’s not like a Mite B game.  Bottomline is if you go stick your finger in another man’s face he has every right to say he’s gonna cave in your glasses.   Although I guess you can argue that there is still something to be said for defending your kid .   Hmm, fucking tough one.   Maybe if he just called him a dwarf that would have been less offensive?