Twitter Finally Listened To Me (A Year And A Half Later) And Now Let's You Put Gifs Above Quote Retweets

FINALLY. The day has finally arrived when Twitter listened to me and now let’s users put gifs above quoted retweets. It took a year and a half for them to listen to me but it’s better late than never. It really was a no brainer. Quote tweeting someone is all about reacting to what the person said and it was beyond idiotic that gifs weren’t allowed until today. Twitter is notorious for never listening to what their users want, and actually doing the opposite of what they want like changing the interface every two months and kicking around the idea of taking away Likes and Retweets, but this time around they nailed it.

Barstool Sports generally has no idea what it’s doing on a daily basis (for instance, our new office doesn’t have running water in parts of it and we moved in today) but this development lends credence to my idea that big companies should hire us as social media consultants. Any big corporation that tries to be funny on Twitter should pay us a truckload of money to have one of our bloggers sit in on their social media meetings. Every time they’re about to tweet something stupid of offensive, the blogger then raises their hand and says, “That’s stupid/offensive. Don’t do that.” Twitter itself should hire us because clearly being able to use gifs on quoted retweets is a home run idea that I had a full year and a half ago.

I said Twitter’s stock price would go through the roof when they made this possible so let’s take a look at that stock price! Up up and away I bet!

Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 3.57.18 PM

Alright so it might take a couple to make an impact.