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Southie Crime Alert: Red Pick Up Truck Stealing Spot Savers And Selling Them As Scraps


CaughtinsouthieBe on the lookout for a red pick up truck with two males wearing KAAT Services jackets. Apparently, they are swiping old beach chairs and selling them as scraps. Luckily, local resident and part-time McGruff Josh Parra was on the scene and caught those space saver bandits red handed. He had the thieving duo empty the back of their pick up truck filled with beach chairs and spot savers. Parra called Katt Services to report it and the owner informed him that those employees had been fired for stealing copper and were no longer employed. Currently, the pile of spot savers are near the Distillery at 516 East Second Street.

Well I think it’s safe to say this is a new low even for Southie. I mean stealing beach chairs and melting them down to sell them for scraps? There just can’t be huge margins in that. There just can’t be. Beach chairs don’t even cost anything to begin with. I swear it’s the theater of bizarre over there in Southie. Everybody saving spots with furniture and now people stealing the furniture to sell for scrap medal. Where is Whitey Bulger when you need him to restore order and crack some skulls?