What Did Kit Harrington Do To Piss Of The Game Off Thrones Writers?

I don’t know what Kit Harrington did to make the writers hate him but the man clearly crossed a line somewhere along the way. For starters, and probably more importantly, he doesn’t kill the Night King. The writers decided to completely abandon the entire prince who was promised prophecy and hand arguably the most important kill in the show to the fan favorite instead of the person who made the most sense. They took a seven season quest and told Kit to shove it up his ass. They didn’t even give him an opportunity to fight a Walker after he sacrificed his literal life and many other things to rally the living against the dead and they made him look like a fool who fights dragons by yelling at them. Kit himself was shocked that he didn’t kill the Night King, says he would’ve bet thousands that he would’ve been the one to do it before he saw the final script, and “jokes” that he was pissed he didn’t get to do it. Jon Snow killing the Night King made all the sense in the world, but the writers hate Kit.

How else do I know that he must have done something to piss them off? Glad you asked, the height jokes. Everyone in Hollywood is little, we know that, rule one of being famous is you couldn’t ride rollercoasters until you were old enough to drive, but the staff spent years hiding the fact that Kit Harrington is the size of a gnat. There were no shots that highlighted the height difference, I’m sure he wore boosts or something, and there was certainly no dialogue that pointed it out. Now? They cant go 10 minutes without having a character shout “Jon Snow is a midget” from the mountaintops. Dany did it last week when she said her first husband was taller with a laugh, Tormund did it twice this week, calling Jon little and saying a dragon wouldn’t even notice him on its back because he’s lighter than two fleas fucking.

I mean it used to be a shock when you told people how tall Kit Harrington was because the show did such a good job of hiding it but now it’s practically a major plot point. The main storylines for season 8 are Jon is the rightful heir to the Throne, Dany stinks at owning dragons, episode 3 was too dark, and Jon Snow is short. I’d be furious if I were him.