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Utah High School QB Loses Playoff Game With The Brain Fart Of The Century

(Giddy up to 46:30)


Holy moly he picked the wrong time to space out. The QB could have pulled a Jim Marshall and run the wrong way into his own endzone and they still would have won. I just pray there’s no Uncle Rico in this kid’s blood or else he’s punched a one-way ticket to Suicide City. All he had to do was run out of bounds and he’d take state. Anyone who played sports in high school dwells on what they could have done better for the rest of their lives. I dropped a TD pass at Interboro my senior year and wake up in a cold sweat once a month. Granted, that’s probably due to the excessive alcohol intake and the Honey Bun becoming a staple part of a meal, but still. Gotta make that catch.