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Breaking News: Gronk Spent 10K At A Las Vegas Night Club! GASP!



Boston.comPatriots tight end Rob Gronkowski did a lot more than dance and wrestle at a Las Vegas nightclub after the Super Bowl. The all-pro racked up a $9,615 bar bill at the XS Nightclub at Encore, according to a report. Among Gronkowski’s choice of beverages: Grey Goose ($1,575), an array of expensive champagnes ($3,554), 14 bottles of Fiji water ($154), a couple of flavors of Ciroc vodka ($1,575), and a couple of glasses of Crown Royal ($32).  His gratuity was a whopping $1,400.


This is just getting ridiculous now.   The Globe actually ran a story on Gronk spending 10K on a bar tab at Encore.   Umm who gives a flying fuck?  I mean Gronk’s supposed to be the franchise player, and we’re in here talking about him spending 10K in Vegas?  Not 100K.  10K.   We’re talking about 10K man. I mean jesus christ when I go to Vegas with my friends we’re spending fucking 10K and we’re all broke motherfuckers.  Like that’s what you do when you go to Encore in Vegas.    They don’t even let you in the door if you’re not dropping thousands.  It’s probably a 10K minimum just for the table Gronk got.  Yeah I know the globe and all these other wannabe knockoff barstool websites have nothing better to talk about but give me a break.  10K in Vegas with all his brothers?   Gee ya think he spent 10K?  Get a fucking life.