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Naked Portrait Of Bea Arthur To Sell For Over $2 Million

Pop Style – A topless painting of Bea Arthur is expected to fetch between $1.8-$2.5 million when it hits the auction block at the Christie’s Post-War and Contemporary Art Sale in New York City tonight. John Currin’s 1991 portrait, called “Bea Arthur Naked,” depicts Arthur around the time she starred as a middle-aged politically liberal suburban woman in the 1970s sitcom Maude. Derived from a photograph of a fully clothed Arthur, Currin — known for what art critic Peter Schjeldahl once called his “acrid fantasy portraits of menopausal women” – says he used artistic license to create the portrait of the actress in the flesh. “I had a vision in my head of Bea Arthur, and I found a picture of her. I was going to put a scarf ensemble on her like that from her Maude days, and I drew the body just to drape it. It was then that I realized that the painting was fantastic as it was,” reads a quote from the artist in theChristie’s lot notes. “I loved being repelled by those two black eyes and falling back into these wonderful, soft breasts, which draw you back in.” Arthur, who won Emmy Awards for both Golden Girls and Maude, died of cancer in 2009.

Jiminy fuckin cricket! Check out the udders on Bea Arthur! Chick had some fucking bombs with coaster sized nipples according to this artist. My first reaction was, “what kind of sick bastard takes the time to envision and recreate Bea Arthur’s nipples?” But then I saw this thing was selling for 2.5 million bucks! Are you kidding me? $2.5 million for Bea Arthur’s imagine, fabricated tits?

If I’m paying over 2 mil for a naked painting of Bea Arthur I better at least get to see her dick.

Uncensored pics after the jump: