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Channing Frye's First Pitch At The Indians Game Was Another Massive Embarrassment For Basketball Guys

Goddamnit, Channing. It’s not that hard. You just have to throw it somewhere near the plate. You can’t miss the entire batter’s box and almost drill the chick standing in the back. Just embarrassing.

But, more importantly this is embarrassing for basketball guys like myself. I mean we don’t have the best lineage for first pitches:

Not great, guys. We’re athletes. Yes, I’m saying we here. I consider myself in the same class as Pat Connaughton, Channing Frye and John Wall. We all represent the game of basketball. I’m sick of being embarrassed.

It’s time to do the right thing. I’m looking at you Cincinnati Reds, Florence Freedom or Dayton Dragons. Let me come toss a pitch and prove that basketball guys can at least come close to the plate. Maybe it’s because I’m a lefty, but it will 100% look better than this.

Strong performance from the woman in the back though. Not even a flinch when the ball took a hop towards her. She just watched that thing bounce by. She can play on my team any day.