A Couple Of Bullfighters Got Completely Fucked Up By Bulls In Mexico This Weekend

Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 7.21.12 AM

So I was perusing around the internet today this morning, still pissed off at how uneventfully Dragon #2 died, and stumbled upon the videos of two people getting completely fucked up by bulls in Mexico this weekend.

Let’s start with the first video:

I’ve never gone to a rodeo.  I’ve never fought a bull.  I’m terrified of spiders let alone a pissed off animal that is as big as a Mack truck charging me.  But I gotta believe it’s not the best bullfighting strategy to just take your knees and let bulls charge you and pin you to the wall, shattering your jaw.  I mean I could definitely be wrong here and it could all be a part of the event, to see who can get completely fucked up by a bull the most, and in that case good ol’ Hilda dominated here, but still… no thank you.  I’ll stick to laying on the couch and stuff like that.


Then in a completely different event, we got this cocky SOB:

So I’ve read Eddie’s bull riding blogs and I do know that if you can successfully ride a bull for 8 seconds, you win.  This guy accomplished that and then some.  But the bull had his vengeance and rightfully so.  Ol hombre over here was all like “this bull is a fucking pussy, I’m gonna ride him like a pony and hop over that fence all nimbly bimbly and nothing will happen.”  WRONG.  Just zero sense of urgency here.  And because of that he was ragdolled across the ring for a good 10 seconds.  And also – where are all the clowns?  I thought the clowns were supposed to be there making the bull not as pissed off.  This guy was playing with fire here.  This guy was just asking to get decapitated.

And that was talking bull fighting