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Mexican Youth Beats Up On African-American Cancer Survivor While A Crowd Of Thousands Looks On And Does Nothing To Help

First off, Happy Cinco De Mayo from the sexiest Mexican of all time…

Secondly, here’s a real quick recap of the fight last night…

That certainly wasn’t what I had hoped for.

Because there is no justice in the world, heavily favored Canelo Alvarez dispatched with Danny Jacobs in a unanimous decision last night to unify three middleweight world titles.  This leaves Alvarez just one belt away from being the undisputed 160-pound championship.


To listen to the ring announcers, you would think this fight wasn’t close at all.  But those announcers are hired by a company, DAZN, that signed Canelo to a $365 million dollar deal, so their auditory fellatio of Alvarez’s performance should not come as any surprise.

I gave Jacobs 5 rounds on my scorecard which really doesn’t matter as the decision is finally one that will not be seen as controversial.  And I haven’t seen the viewing numbers yet, but even if DAZN isn’t happy with the size of their audience last night, they must be fucking THRILLED with the fact that their prized pig (Alvarez) seems almost unbeatable right now.

I mentioned in yesterday’s preview that Canelo’s next move can go 1 of 2 ways…

1) Go after the aforementioned fourth belt in the division, thereby making him the undisputed champion.  That would mean a fight with titlist Demetrius Andrade… Demetrius was in the crowd last night, and he seemed eager to get that fight done.

2) A third fight against Gennady Golovkin, perhaps as soon as September… GGG was also in attendance last night and called the performance a “boring sparring match”.


It certainly wasn’t boring, but to GGG’s point, there wasn’t enough action in the center of the ring.  Canelo showed excellent head movement and counter-punching skills, so Danny was never able to land any clean shots.  Jacobs also switched back and forth from orthodox to southpaw throughout the fight, even though the most damage he did inflict happened from the right side of the plate.

If I was Golden Boy, I would continue to push the GGG fight out for as long as possible because, as I said yesterday, time isn’t on Gennady’s side and last night proved to me that Canelo is clearly in his prime.  He should every belt available and then ring the register against an old man who cannot hit him sometime in late 2020.

Jacobs, on the other hand, alluded to the fact that he may move up to super-middleweight.  A natural progression for a fighter his size especially after he was banged for a million dollars last night for violating the rehydration clause he signed prior to weigh-ins.

Next up for boxing- The heavyweight division will continue to give us fights that nobody wants to see with Deontay Wilder meeting Breazeale on May 18th at the Barclays, Anthony Joshua fighting Ruiz at MSG on June 1st, and Tyson Fury squaring off against someone named Tom Schwarz on June 15th in Vegas.

For those of us frustrated with these matchups, here’s a couple of “heavy weights” that are much more intriguing…


Enjoy the day, and go to mass, you heathens.