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Recurring Development - An Interactive Guide To All Of Arrested Development's Running Jokes

Probably the most effective and interesting site I’ve ever seen. I could sit on this literally all day long. Like Barstool Sports is checking in at number 2 as far as I’m concerned. From Tobias is secretly gay, to Lucille is racist, to No Touching, to GOB’s Segway and every other inside joke in between, this website explains every running theme from the first 3 seasons. You can click on each joke and see which episodes they appear in, or click on each episode and see which jokes are included in the show. Kinda illustrates just how well the show is written. Everything completely intertwined. Shit from the pilot that appears in the finale and vice versa.

Best Arrested Development tidbits that I learned today- 1) Writers began to lay the foundation for to reveal that Tobias was actually a black albino, but the storyline never developed after the series was canceled. 2) Every time GOB appears on his segway, he segues the conversation to something about himself. (Not sure if thats 100% proven but everyone on the internet says so, so if you say it to your friends they’ll believe you)

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