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NY Daily News Compares The Redskins Logo To A Swastika

redskins name

The NY Daily News took it there. Comparing a football team’s logo to the swastika is about as absurd as it gets. Unless we are comparing the slaughters the nazis gave and the slaughters the Skins receive, there’s no comparison between the two. They’ve officially made the “should the redskins change their name?” debate jump the shark. Between the Costas sermon and this picture, I’m completely bored of it now. By taking the comparison so far, they’ve made me realize the Skins logo and name is actually harmless. You can’t look at all three of those symbols and not think the Redskins one is way, way out of place. It is about 1/100000th as offensive as the other two combined. So well done, Daily News. You’ve killed the argument once and for all.