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Kyle Hendricks Just Threw An 81-Pitch Complete Game Shutout & Now The Cubs are 15-5 Over Their Last 20

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 3.56.27 PM

What an absolute ass kicking from start to finish. At several times I thought Hendricks was actually pitching against the Lane Tech High School JV team but I stand corrected. Turns out it actually was the MLB St. Louis Cardinals out there registered 5 hits on 81 pitches in 9 full innings. We call that a Masterpiece and today was no exception.

Kyle Hendricks, you get a beef:

Javy Baez, also gettin a beef:

And Naturally Rizzo gets all the beefs his little italian heart can muster

People forget that Anthony Rizzo is fucking people up left and right


OPS at .744 is below average (very slightly) and .933 is WAYYYYYY above average (not slightly at all). And FYI all that happened on the road.

For those keeping score at home, the Cubs are 15-5 over their last 20. They’ve won 5 in a row. Haven’t lost a series a 4 weeks. The staff ERA is down to 2.20 since getting the doors blown off in MIL. Literally there isn’t anything to complain about so let’s not do that for one second. Let’s just keep looking ahead.

Yesterday I was pining for a 7-3 over the next 10 that includes 3 against the Cards, 4 against the Marlins then 3 more asgainst the Brewers. I know the Marlins suck but they still play MLB. I said 7-3 would be a great stretch and we’d love that.

Forget it.

I’m out for blood.

I’m smelling 9 straight wins in a row and if you’re smart enough you’ll join me on this ML heater we’re about to pull. You don’t wake up this kind of sleeping giant of a team with an 81 pitch CG effort and not get rewarded. It’s quite the opposite.