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Kentucky Woman Delivers An A+ Mugshot After Being Drunk At A Dollar Mania

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 2.11.23 PM

[WKYT] - A woman has been arrested after reportedly leading deputies on a foot chase through the Dollar Mania parking lot in Manchester.

The Clay County Sheriff’s Office says deputies made contact with 27-year-old Angela Lovins in the parking lot, but she started walking away. As deputies followed her, they say she started to run off attempting to evade law enforcement.

Lovins was taken to the Clay County Detention Center where she faces charges of public intoxication, resisting arrest and fleeing or evading police.

By God, this is how you take a mugshot. Most people stay straight faced or perhaps look upset. No. no. Not Angela Lovins. She might need to change her name to Lovings, because she’s making everyone fall in love with her with this smile. Getting drunk at a Dollar Mania? That’s my kinda chick. I still don’t know exactly what she did wrong.

Isn’t everyone drunk at a Dollar Mania? Sounds like she was just playing a game of tag with the cops. They made contact so she was it, so she ran. Might need to update the rules of tag to her, but that’s about it. But, what does she care? She’s going to smile for any picture that she ever takes.

And your obligatory video that everyone thinks of when someone runs from the cops: