After Leaving Us On Pins And Needles For A Night, Stephen A. Hit D'Angelo Russell With An A+ Stay Off The WEEEEEEED

I’m not going to lie. The moment this video dropped yesterday I was on pins and needles. Would Stephen A. hit D’Angelo Russell with a stay off the weed? He has to right? I mean this is what he lives for with the shtick. He wants to let people know to stay off the weed.

Then it happened


That’s an A+ stay off the weed call.

In case you missed it, D’Angelo Russell was busted for marijuana possession at the airport when he tried to hide his weed in an Arizona Iced Tea dummy bottle. Think about that one for a second. You can’t bring drinks on the plane. So of course he got busted.

The best is you knew it was coming. His cohosts knew it was coming. The chuckles when it started. Kellerman’s smirk. Just an A+ stay off the weed call.