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Man In 36th Place Ruins The Women's Marathon By Running Through Their Finish Line Tape

Amy Manning was looking forward to crossing the finish line to win her first marathon, until someone else ruined her moment in the spotlight.

At Sunday’s Mercy Health Glass City Marathon, Manning finished the race at 2:52:52 to win the women’s division. As she approached the finish line, race workers held out the tape for Manning to break through, except Christian Floyd, who finished 36th in the men’s group, ran through it instead.

You’ve got to be kidding me. This guy, who was in 36th place in the men’s division, thought that the marathon organizers brought out the finish line tape just for him? He ran through that tape with his chest out like 35 other people weren’t already at the snack table cooling down after they smoked him. Meanwhile, here comes the woman that has trained so hard for this moment, excited to get this picture taken that I’m sure she’ll frame and put on her desk. And then our guy cuts right in front and steals the show.

She just ran for 2 hours and 52 minutes straight, just to watch someone else run through her finish line. And it’s not like this would be her 100th marathon win. This would have been her FIRST EVER. So ummm yeah, she should be pissed off. I’m surprised she didn’t fight him right then and there. She did raise her hands and call him a name that I will not repeat on the internet, though. But you know how girls are….I’m sure the complaining didn’t stop there. I don’t know who came up with the idea, but the marathon organizer’s solution to this heartbreak was to re-enact the entire scene for her. They had her go back and do it again for the cameras.

What a bunch of snowflakes. Typical millennials, am I right? Back in my day, if someone ran through my finish line tape, I’d train harder for the next marathon and make sure it never happened again. Beat all the boys and girls. You want to break the tape? Win the race.