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REPORT: AIDS/HIV Is Almost Dead As Scientists Have Found Drug That Stops Transmission

aids hiv

(The Guardian)–An end to the Aids epidemic could be in sight after a landmark study found men whose HIV infection was fully suppressed by antiretroviral drugs had no chance of infecting their partner.

The success of the medicine means that if everyone with HIV were fully treated, there would be no further infections.

Among nearly 1,000 male couples across Europe where one partner with HIV was receiving treatment to suppress the virus, there were no cases of transmission of the infection to the HIV-negative partner during sex without a condom. Although 15 men were infected with HIV during the eight-year study, DNA testing proved that was through sex with someone other than their partner who was not on treatment.

“It’s brilliant – fantastic. This very much puts this issue to bed,”

Incredible news. AIDS is basically dead. I am old enough to remember the AIDS scare being a very real thing. I remember being in health class in high school and we were talking about STDs and AIDS/HIV and it was really scary. I remember thinking “whoa, good thing no girls want to have sex with me”. It made an impression on people. If you’re in college right now you probably can’t understand this, but there was a time when people practiced “safe sex” and used these things called “condoms”. Right before you were about to have sex you’d sit in bed struggling to rip open this little package and roll a latex bag around your dick and then you’d have to pretend that it still felt good. It was wild. That’s how serious AIDS was. Thank god that time is over and now people all over the world can just have all the unprotected sex they want without any risk of something bad happening.

In reality though, it was probably an unfounded fear. I mean Magic basically killed AIDS right here