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Wake Up With Chris Sale Striking Out 15 Cubs

So Chris Sale starts at the G Spot tonight against his former team.  Figured we’d pay homage to him as he was the 1st piece traded to start the White Sox scorched earth rebuild, and this is a LOT of White Sox fans’ favorite start of his.

97-99 the entire game with that swing and miss changeup and wipe out back foot slider, just unhittable.  He curb stomped the entire Cubs lineup that day.

Now Sale is a shell of his former self, but at least for today he should dominate.  The White Sox historically do poorly against soft tossing crafty lefties.  Similar profiles are Bruce Chen and Jamie Moyer.  He’ll try to nibble at the corners with a 90MPH fastball (at best), try to induce some weak contact, and pray to god he doesn’t miss over the plate because he doesn’t have the pure “shit” anymore to make up for mistake pitches.  Those days are long behind him.  It’s truly sad.


As much as White Sox fans love Sale, tonight he’s the enemy.  Bombs away on him