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Carlos Rodon to the 10 Day DL With Elbow Inflammation

This ain’t good.  Not at all.  Rodon has worked his back from countless injuries at this point and was seemingly healthy for the first time heading into the season for the first time in years.  So on a human level, this sucks for him.  He’s gotta be pretty fucking pissed off and dejected.

And on a financial/roster construction level, Rodon is supposed to be the White Sox best pitcher.  Not only that, but he’s their best trade chip should they have decided to deal him.  He obviously can’t be either if he’s hurt.

I am praying to god that it’s just his elbow acting up and there aren’t any major tears that would require surgery, but I have reason to believe that’s not the case.

And even looking at his start last night he was looking at his fingers after every pitch.  Everyone just thought he had a blister or hangnail or some shit, but I have a feeling he was feeling a numbing sensation in his fingers.  By then the damage is already done.

Not good.  Not good in the least.  I have no idea if they figured Rodon to be in their long term plans or not.  Maybe they wanted him to anchor the staff on a hypothetical playoff team or maybe they wanted to deal him for more prospect capital.  Not sure.  But I do know this: if he is indeed heading to Alabama to visit Dr. James Andrews, that effectively wipes out all but one year of service control the White Sox have of him as he’s due to be a free agent after 2021.

And at that point, with a major shoulder surgery and potentially an elbow surgery under his belt, who knows how he’ll be in his arb 4 year.

Really sucks.  Super bummed for Rodon who’s a good dude off the field and pissed off at the rebuild taking another piece of shrapnel from the baseball gods.

Now if you’ll excuse me I have some whiskey to drink.  I can’t take this anymore.  Phone and computer = off.