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Larry King Tweeted Out EVERY SINGLE THOUGHT His Old Man Mind Could Produce


Look at me using this portable talking device!

#KingsThings? Jesus, Larry. Just because you could doesn’t mean that you should. If I wanted to hear an old coot ramble on about nothing I’d watch a Pres Conference. Like one of those mega-obese people who need a literal forklift to go outside, there’s somebody else enabling things here. But regardless, I think it’s time to consider putting Larry King in a home. Not because he’s going senile, but if he’s tweeting “I enjoy Lemon Mirange Pie”, “I’ve never had a backache” and “Does anyone still wear a pocket watch?” (A MOTHER FUCKING POCKET WATCH), there’s nothing much left in the tank for society.






Miniskirts, firefighters and Honey Nut Cheerios. Every other thought is either wrong or useless. Killer send off from LA, too. King kept it fresh with his newest reference being over a decade old.

And I get it’s his thing, but if you wear suspenders while bumming around the house, you’re certifiably insane. It’s like willingly sleeping in jeans. I would rather wake up in prison than in a pair of Levi’s. Just for the record.

Just for the record…

A video posted by Larry King (@larrykingnow) on Oct 10, 2014 at 11:25pm PDT