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Teacher Threatens To Spoil Avengers: Endgame Every Time The Class Misbehaves

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Source: r/Heroic0

I want to hate this teacher so badly. Threatening to spoil Avengers: Endgame in any situation of life is so evil and cruel that you should be banished to Vormir for eternity and protect the Soul Stone in place of Red Skull. This teacher is without question a gigantic asshole. This should be illegal.

The thing is, this move is so smart. It’s pure genius. It’s sinister, but it’s brilliant at the same time. How do you get a group of rowdy kids to pay attention to some American history or Social Studies or a two hour math class? Terrorize them with spoilers of a movie they’ve grown up with and have been waiting their whole lives to see. What a move.

As smart as this teacher thinks he is, this also welcomes complete chaos into the classroom. You know there’s going to be that one asshole in class who doesn’t give a fuck. His name is probably Allen. He’s the kid sent to the principal’s office every week for causing trouble. That kid just wants the world to burn. There’s also going to be the kids who have already seen Endgame and actually don’t care about spoilers. They hold all of the power in the classroom. This is a very dangerous game and this teacher has to know that going in. Some students might die. When you step into that classroom you might not make it out alive.