Considering The Bucks Pat Connaughton Was Drafted By The Orioles, Where Does This Rank As The Worst First Pitch?

Pat Connaughton was drafted in the 4th round by the Orioles back in 2014. He was projected to eventually be a starter for my beloved Birds. So with that in mind, how shitty is this first pitch?

I mean that’s not even close. You can miss high. You can miss outside. Hell you can miss high and outside. But you can’t miss to the point where you’re putting the social media people behind the plate in danger.

Now, this might strike Chris Davis out, but outside of that there’s not another MLB player on the planet flinching at this. This has to be legit consideration for the worst first pitch of all time considering this is a dude that played for the O’s minor league team and a 4th round pick. Here are some others for consideration:

My beloved John Wall forgetting to let go of the ball: 


Cincinnati mayor Mark Mallory JUUUSSSSTTT a bit outside: 

Mariah Carey doesn’t have time for this shit

50 Cent might as well throw it to first base: 

So where does this one rank?