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Shooters Shoot: Guy Predicts The Exact Way The Night King Dies Nearly 2 Years In Advance

To quote my coworker Riggs, “check the fucking timestamps!”

I know I usually only blog basketball stuff and there’s more than enough GoT coverage on this fine website, but I couldn’t not blog this. I LOVE stuff like this, and while I’m sure there were other tweets out there that may have said the same thing, as far as I’m concerned I’m giving Ti Windisch all the credit here. For those who don’t know, Ti is a Bucks writer/podcaster so on one hand I’m supposed to hate his guts right now, but I can’t. This is far too impressive. Calling exactly what happens in the one show where the entire internet tried to predict what’s going to happen for years is one of the most impressive things I’ve seen on the internet. You could spend hours looking at theories and I don’t think I saw this one floated out there which could only mean one thing

1). This man is a warg

How else do you explain being so dead on with this major storyline two years in advance? I get shooting your shot but this is way too accurate to just think nothing fishy is going on here. I’m not totally convinced this guy doesn’t already know how GoT is going to end too. We may have to get Twitter to ban his account or something until the finale because I’m pretty sure he’s seen the future.

It’s always pretty lame when people dig up old problematic tweets, but I can’t get enough of shit like this. It’s why the internet rules. I’m sure when Ti tweeted this out he didn’t think anything of it, was probably watching an episode and just let this crazy take fly. For it to actually happen exactly as he predicted is just spooky.

So bravo Ti Windisch, you fucking