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I’m so confused with this team. They’re about 3 plays from being 7-0 and another 10 plays from being 1-6. 3 BAD turnovers (one in the RZ, the other right outside) along with Nate Allen forgetting what reality he’s in for one long play and there you have it. And what was with that run out of a shotgun on 3rd and goal? Come on, Chip. If this game were at home, like last year, the Eagles probably pull it out. But it is what it is.

Not gonna win every game, but shit, this was sneakily a big one if the Eagles are going to be legitimate contenders. And the way things are shaking out with Detroit, GB, SF, Arizona, Seattle and the Cowshits all being decent, at least one 10-win team will be golfing in January.