Stuy Town Battle Brewing Between Sunbathing Smokes And Mothers With Young Kids

NY Post – This kiddie park is being taken over by a bunch of boobs. Co-eds and sunbathing beauties are baring teeny bikinis in Stuy Town’s playgrounds — pushing out children and outraging soccer moms. Locals began heating up last weekend when the play zone near 20th Street Loop looked more like the Playboy Club.  “A lot of side boob on the playground this weekend,” one resident quipped on The Stuyvesant Town Report blog. The site’s anonymous author griped: “This playground should NOT be used for sunbathing. We’ve heard that complaints were made, and now it’s time for management to . . . show some balls.”  On Friday afternoon, two dozen scantily clad women soaked up rays as kids played in the shaded corners. And last weekend, security guards booted tanners from the lawn after a kids-soccer league complained. “A body’s a body, and they need to get over themselves,” said Katie Friedman, 23, a Hofstra grad who moved to the development in August. She does yoga in the space, called Playground 10, an artificial lawn without equipment. “I pay just as much rent as they do,” Friedman said. “Just because I don’t have a child doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be able to be here.” NYU student Melissa DeBlasio (pictured), 21, watched as a guard told beauties laying out on benches outside the playground to sit up. “This is so ridiculous,” DeBlasio said. “The sun’s out. It’s summer. People are going to be tanning.”

Send out the Smoke Patrol!! Melissa Deblasio cmon down! You’re the next contestant on the Local Smoke!

Listen is it a little absurd when chicks act like a little patch of grass is the beach or their personal yoga studio? Sure. You know whats more absurd? Raising your kids in fucking Stuy Town expecting it to be some happy little wholesome family environment. Place is where you go for your 5th, 6th and 7th year of college. Straight up dorm living. If you don’t wanna be around 20 somethings enjoying their lives as single yuppies, then get the F out of Stuy Town. Its as simple as that.

The best part is, you know it has absolutely nothing to do with the kids anyway. You know these moms are just bitter as fuck because these young chicks are still hot. Meanwhile the moms are all post-pregnancy-gross and walking around with snot nose kids in sweatpants and shit because their lives are basically over now that they have children. Sitting around in the park with other ugly loser moms thinking about the days when they used to sun tan in a bikini without a care in the world. And right in the middle of that daydream they realize their kid has shit their pants again and have to go change their diaper as the smokes turn over to tan their backs. I’d be spiteful too.

PS – For real on the smoke patrol, someone find me this chick’s facebook.