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#Pedro20: The A's? More Like The Ks


Pedro Jaime Martinez. In 1999 if you gave this man a lead, regardless of margin, it was going to be a good day. The Sox started off the season hotter than a $2 pistol, but sank back to .500 coming into this start. Absolutely perfect time for Pedro to take the hill and get this ship back on course.

7 innings, five hits, one run, THIRTEEN STRIKEOUTS, and three walks. Again, for those keeping track at home, this marks his fourth straight game with at least 10 punch-outs. At this point of the season he’s now fully in his bag. Changeup diving out of the zone, blistering fastball on the inner half of the plate leaving hitters in the dust.

Season stat line to date: 5-1, 43.2 IP, 11 runs, 10 ER, 61 K, 10 BB, 2.06 ERA

PS – I know video would make these substantially better. Being able to watch sports is shockingly much better than just reading about a 20-year old game. It’s the MLB, there’s barely video of modern day baseball games. There are some games during this stretch that have easily embeddable Youtube videos and those will be added throughout the season.

Random Sidenote: I genuinely love the movie MONEYBALL. It’s a great film. One of my favorite baseball movies ever. Super enjoyable way to spend a few hours. But it bothers the fuck out of me that they just ignore the fact that the A’s were loaded with talent in ’02. They make it out to seem like Chad Bradford and Scott Hatteberg put this team on their back to carry them to the playoffs. Fucking Miguel Tejada, Eric Chavez, Tim Hudson, Barry Zito, Mark Mulder, Jermaine Dye, and countless other very good baseball players don’t even get mentioned throughout the course of the film. But oh no they traded for Ricardo Rincon the real key to their success let’s spend three separate scenes on this trade.