A Little Girl Trained Her Bird To Attack Anyone She Screams At So She's Basically Khaleesi

Folks we are living amongst a real life superhero and it’s that little girl and her bird. I don’t know what her superhero name should be just yet but that’s just a formality at this point. I put ‘trained’ in the title but that bird might’ve just instinctively like how the Khaleesi’s dragons just know that she is their mother. And yeah dragons are scary and they burn people alive and blah blah blah but that little girl and her bird are 1000x scarier than Khaleesi because they’re real. Khaleesi is scary once a week on your TV while that little girl and her vicious bird could run up on you at any second. You could turn around after reading this blog and that dynamic duo could be running up on you ready to rip your face off. What do you even do if you’re that little girl’s parents? They can’t discipline her if she does anything wrong because she’ll just sick her bird on them. Tough spot for them. Good luck to those parents.