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Is Shia Labeouf Back To Douche Or Is This Kind Of Funny Now?


A couple of weeks ago I would’ve blogged this as The Lord Of The Douche continuing to smite thee. But now, I’m not so sure what to think. I just can’t kick his drunken arrest story to the curb. In my mind he was one of us after telling that epic tale (a MUST WATCH if you haven’t already). I picture him blacked out of his gourd coming out of a bingo hall boozing with WWII vets in that t-shirt before swiping a tall Natty from the nearest bum. That’s the new Shia I want to believe in, not a Hipster Dufus.

And here’s a gay men’s choir with others doing some sort of live poetry reading on Shia that I found a lot more entertaining than I should. No, I’m not sure if I like what I’ve become.