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In Honor Of Mother's Day - Top 5 MILFs In The Game Today

Its Mother’s Day! A day to celebrate and honor the women in our lives. So lets talk about the ones we wanna fuck!

5. Teen Mom Farrah

I didn’t say Top 5 Most Beautiful Mother’s In the World. I didn’t say Sexiest Mothers Alive. I said top 5 Mom’s I’d Like To Fuck. And right now, there is nobody on the planet who has procreated who is more fuckable than Teen Mom Farrah.

4. Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie. The Queen of Sexy. The Queen of Africa. Seriously I think the bitch might own Africa by now. Adopted all of them. Popped out a couple natural ones. I can’t even imagine being Brad Pitt and having steady, regular sex with her. She would absolutely fuck me to death.

3. Megan Fox

The newest MILF in the business. I’ll be honest, when Megan Fox burst on the scene, I burst in my pants. In her rookie seasons and into her prime, she was one of the hottest chicks ever. Now, she’s got her kid. She did pregnancy right – disappeared off the face of the earth. Didn’t let anyone see her fat and gross and pregnant. Now she’s reemerging and still looks sexy. Nobody as the image of her as an elephant like some of these other bitches that parade around like Kardashian does.

2. Jessica Alba

Its absolutely insane to me that Jessica Alba has a kid. I feel like she hasn’t lost a single step throughout her entire career. I can’t even picture her when she was pregnant. Its like she came out in Dark Angel throwing 99 MPH and now in her old age she’s somehow throwing 100. She can toss on a bikini and get down on all fours right now and you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. There’s only one chick on the planet who’s hotness is more immortal than her:

1. Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale is so hot if she was my own mother I’d still wanna fuck her. Just absolutely stunning. She’ll be turning 40 later this year and she’s hotter than any chick in her 20s. As a matter of fact, you can make the argument that Kate Beckinsale is hotter than anyone, of any age, on the planet earth. She’s that sexy. She might turn her own daughter lesbian. Wait what? Did I take it too far? Happy Mother’s Day to all the sexy moms out there!

Honorable Mention: Miranda Kerr – Ex-Victoria’s Secret Angel. Can’t be ignored. Gisele, if you’re into that whole horse face thing. There’s a ton of other sexy moms out there. Chime in with your own MILF crushes.