(Former) Powerhouse CB West Football Program Suspended The Rest Of The Season For Fake Waterboarding And Nut Grabbing


DOYLESTOWN, Pa. (WPVI) — The Central Bucks School District announced Thursday the cancellation of the remainder of the Varsity and Junior Varsity football seasons at Central Bucks High School West. The school district also said that all members of the football team coaching staff have been suspended. The moves come as the result of an ongoing internal investigation into allegations of hazing. Sources tell Action News that the players engaged in an activity called “sugar-cookie”, in which players douse others with water and then dump talcum powder on players. Officials say the alleged incidents, which occurred during the team’s preseason, only recently came to light. The school district said the learned of the hazing on October 14th, and immediately launched an investigation – interviewing team members and the entire coaching staff. In a statement, Superintendent David Weitzel said, “Based on all available, verified information gathered from an ongoing internal investigation into allegations of improper conduct by numerous Central Buck West football team members, and the failure of coaching staff to properly supervise activities, swift and firm action is absolutely necessary.”


Kids these days. Trying to go all out with their waterboarding and sack grabbing. What the shit is the “Sugar-Cookie”? No need to get that creative. Back in the day it was your standard Thank You Sir May I Have Another until the paddle/broomstick/whiffleball bat (by far the worst of the three) couldn’t deliver enough umph. Maybe that’s why the perennial powerhouse of the state was 2-6 this season before calling it quits.

Before Hard Knocks, 24/7 and any of these documentaries that took you inside teams, there was The Season. The story of North Penn’s journey led by current Browns HC Mike Petine which climaxed when he faced his father’s CB West dynasty. A great watch if you can find it.