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Reader Email - Hey Pres, Get Out of My Child Maltreatment Textbook

Reader Email

So I’m trying to do some studying for my psych class at URI about child maltreatment, and right on page 2: Howitzergate. Nice of the authors to throw you in with child abusers and rapists, but hey, at least they consider you “popular”. No such thing as bad publicity right?

Viva la Stool


p.s. If for some reason you are curious, the book is called Child Maltreatment 3rd edition by Cindy Miller-Perrin and Robin Perrin. Think these broads might be familiar with KO Barstool?


What the fuck?  The other people mentioned on this page murdered little kids or raped em.   I made a joke that Ben Brady had a big cock for an infant and he fucking did.  It’s a compliment and it was funny.  How did I end up on the same page as these people?   Fucking everybody out to get the blogfather.   Seriously would it have killed them to at least mention that tickets are on sale for the Blackout Tour?   Whatever.  Haters gonna hate…Pageviews gonna Slate.