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Barstool New York Comments Of The Week

Had a little mix up this week with comments of the week. Your boy Beardo was supposed to be putting together a list of all the funny ones for me and he fucked up and basically didnt do it. Thats what I get for asking a dude who speaks through smokes to come up with a blog involving words. So this was thrown together at the last second by me. Just a bunch of the most upvoted comments. Beardo will make up for it with his blog being posted later tonight.

Blog: Female Hulk On The Loose In England: Commenter: Gus Watab: “I bet her pussy looks like a head of broccoli” Commenter: Roaddog: “She probably has a clit the size of her Adam’s apple” I think with these two comments we sufficiently described the Female Hulk’s pussy. Like if we described that to a sketch artist I bet he could draw a spot on Hulk Pussy

Blog: Seattle High School Starts Up Annual Hotness Tournament. Commenter: Little Birdie: “If I was a father involved and had my daughter up there, yeah I probably wouldn’t be thrilled to have my little girl subjected to that type of stuff. But all I’d do is make her dress amish and then put $100 on the slut going up against her.” You know how Stoolies are always like “Please don’t have a daughter, please don’t have a daughter?” I bet you there are unborn daughters about to meet their father’s going “Please don’t be a stoolie, please don’t be a stoolie”

Blog: 73 year old dude lands a 106 year old piece of ass. Commenter: Cantgetthestinkout: I bet eating Marjorie’s pussy is a lot like eating an entire sleeve of Saltines. Solid imagery.

Blog: Playoff Beard In. Believe Shirt On. Time To Rock The Barn. Commenter: runatrainonrenee69: “there’s no way these comments don’t make KFC cry. 3 people just made fun of his acne, and 1 guy said he had “ballchintits.” i don’t care if you’re a pro blogger, thats gotta sting a little” I don’t have pimples. I don’t know why people think that. I have a mole above my eye which is a fucking beauty mark. I’m sexy as fuck. You guys are just jealous

Blog: Man Recieves 8 Inch Threatening Dildo In The Mail. Commenter: Georgieoqueef: ““writing their O’s as diamonds” this closet homo doesnt know how hard it is to write on a goddamn dildo. oh no, ive said too much” 

Blog: Guess That Ass: Teen Mom Farrah. Commenter: Animalman: How fucked up am I that my eyes lit up when you said “squirting”? Commenter: Mayo: im gonna be squeezing myself like a tube of empty toothpaste the minute this full video comes out. 

I’ll be perfectly honest, after every commenter wilted like a flower when I called them out and challenged them to come on KFC Radio, I stopped caring about comments of the week. Someone step up to the plate and do the Player Hater’s Ball and then I’ll put effort back into this.

Late entry that might save this week of AWFUL comments: Blog: Jesse Spector Twitter War. Commenter: Garden State of Mind: “The Stool is pretty much some kind of weird cult at this point. It’s like Scientology where if you take a shot at it, it’s like a hornets nest gets dropped on your head. The only difference is instead of suing people like Scientologists, Stoolies just call people a faggot/pussy on Twitter about 1000 times for a week straight.” If that doesn’t sum up Barstool, I don’t know what does.